Our product portfolio is being developed in an agile manner. Our solutions are available both, as pure API (, as well as with a customized interface in your CI and CD (corporate identity and design).

Risk Analysis

Our Risk Analysis evaluates your customer’s risks through intelligent question paths and derives corresponding product recommendations.

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For Private Customer Advisory

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Our Risk Analysis, using individual question sequences and relevant information sources in the background, calculates and captures your customer’s objective risks, subjective needs, and risk preferences. From there, comprehensible and tailormade product recommendations (including coverage amounts) are depicted. For advisors and customers, risks are made understandable and transparent. This leads to better advisory, sustainable customer relationships as well as more cross-selling opportunities through customer centric product recommendations.

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For Business Customer Advisory

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Our Risk Analysis for Business Customer Advisory evaluates a company’s risks and insurance needs through intelligent question paths. Every answer leads to an adjustment of their protection need as well as their product prioritization. Thus, risks are made understandable and transparent. Individual product recommendations are made, which are tailored to the risks and needs of your corporate clients. This approach leads to sustainable customer relationships based on trust.

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Product Advisory

For Private Customer Advisory

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Our Product Advisory for private customers offers product and topic-specific question paths for different insurance products to determine premiums/pricing.

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For Business Customer Advisory

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Our Product Advisory for business customers offers industry- and product specific question paths for different insurance products to determine premiums/pricing.

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riskine Product Advisory offers considerable benefits for you and your clients:

Optimized question progression for your customers: Queries generate the shortest path through the individual advisory session. Previously asked questions are skipped and answers that can be anticipated are not asked altogether but instead estimated. Additionally, questions adapt according to previously given answers and their information is taken and used for further calculations. These optimizations are the basis of our graph technology and save advisors and customers valuable time and energy.

Integrated algorithms in real-time: Pension gaps, coverage amounts, risks as well as product recommendations and prioritizations are being calculated and shown real-time during the entire advisory session. These extensive calculations are all happening in the background. Through real-time analysis and evaluations, advisors and customers gain considerable advantages during their advisory sessions.

Individual text labels: It is possible to generate different question- and answers texts from the same advisory model respectively the same data base. This facilitates an easy execution in multiple languages, addressing customers in a formal/informal way (e.g. based on age), or frontend specific texts (e.g. long texts in personal advisory or short texts with same content for insurance bot).

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Risk Sentiment Recommender

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The Risk Sentiment Recommender (RSR) scrapes online news and social media for all relevant risk topics in your customer’s region in real time. Every risk in our overview consists of several sub risks. Based on previously stored key words, we search for those risks online and both analyze and evaluate them. The RSR supports you in identifying current risk issues that concern your customers. The results are clearly presented in a dashboard.

One use case of the RSR is to offer your advisors an informational advantage when advising. For example: What risks are my customers facing or what are good conversation starters? Another use case is the use of the RSR for campaign control (which topics, when).


Product Recommender

Our machine learning Product Recommender can be integrated as an intelligent plug-in into our digital advisory journeys. It analyzes a user’s behavior and decisions, which enables real-time product recommendations based on purchase decisions of customers of the same demographic (next best product). Thus, the Product Recommender allows you to advise your customers on recommended products specifically for their peer group or generate campaigns to the right target groups.

Investment Profile

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The Investment Profile, which is the most important instrument for investment advisory, holistically captures your customer’s financial goals, willingness to take risks, financial sustainability as well as their knowledge & experiences regarding investments.

Through a very user friendly and playful manner, our Investment Profile determines your customer’s risk-bearing capacity as well as their risk affinity. Content within the entire advisory journey is processed and shown in a way that is understandable and informative for the customer. Therefore, not only pure content- but also knowledge is conveyed.

Your customer’s risk preferences and tendencies are made comprehensible, which enables a transparent advisory that fulfils all regulatory requirements.

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360° Retirement Planner

With our 360° Retirement Planner you can holistically calculate your customer’s expected pension gap with inclusion of all 3 pillars (statutory, occupational & private) and display them with expected monthly pension payments.

During this extensive analysis process, other products such as our State Benefits Calculator, our Wealth Overview and our Budget Calculator interact with each other. Using the State Benefits Calculator, several calculations for gaps in old age, occupational incapacity, surviving dependent’s pension as well as possible claims for care pension are determined. Our Wealth Overview captures your customer’s private retirement provision. Incorporating our Budget Calculator, possible pension gaps in your household budget can be determined.

With this 360° analysis customers get a full overview and can prepare their old age provision thoroughly and choose specific products that best suit their needs.

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Policy Check

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Our Policy Check allows you to capture existing insurance policies quickly and intuitively. It ensures an intelligent comparison with the suggested products from the finalized risk analysis. Our current next steps are going towards visualizing your customer’s insurance gaps and giving hints, where policies need to be reviewed.

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Event Driven Advisory

Our Event Driven Advisory enables you to advise your customers purposefully and fully upon changes in their current living situations. During the advisory session, checklists that provide a holistic overview are used, to determine customers’ needs. First, important, and relevant life events are covered, e.g. moving to a new home, getting married/entering civil life partnership or the birth of a child. With our Event Driven Advisory you can advise and provide information for your customers fitting their new life circumstances, therefore selling more relevant products.

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State Benefits Calculator

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With our State Benefits Calculator you can show your customers an extensive overview of their different statutory pension rights. The calculator determines gaps in the areas of old age-, occupational incapacity-, surviving dependents pension as well as care claims. There is a possibility to either do a quick check with few details and estimations, or a detailed calculation with data from the customer’s pension account.

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Wealth Overview

It provides a list of your clients' current assets and enables a presentation of the total assets taking into account all assets and liabilities (including life insurances, property, financial products, mortgages, stock portfolios…) and their estimated value at pension age.

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Savings Calculator

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Our Savings Calculator determines the value progression of a savings plan (with interest and compound interest) based on start capital and the monthly savings amount. The calculations are then done for three scenarios with different increases in value.

Financial Planning

In Financial Planning, your customer’s financial goals and wishes are defined. Monthly rates are determined from the previously specified target amount. As with our Savings Calculator, three scenarios are illustrated with different increases in value.

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Budget Calculator

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Our Budget Calculator creates an overview of your customer’s household budget by listing the monthly incomes and expenses, which also helps in determining planned expenses and savings for retirement. The Budget Calculator is expandable with the PSD2 plug-in, which thus makes automatic household budget calculations possible.

Loan Calculator

With our Loan Calculator your customers can determine monthly pay back rates through entering loan amount and loan period.

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Gross Net Calculator

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Our Brutto Netto Calculator is integrated into all our advisory solutions. It provides an overview of how much income is left after deducting income tax and social security, while taking into consideration the differences within the respective occupational groups. By entering data into one field, it automatically calculates the other.


This product helps you to see, which natural catastrophe risks are highest for your customers using GPS coordinates of their home addresses. With our Nat-Kat-Check you can sensitize your customers for potential risks or use it for active lead generation.

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Fondsfinder (WIP)

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With our Fondsfinder you can determine an excellent investment portfolio for your customers based on their willingness of risk, interests, and needs. Using intelligent algorithms, an individual set is created from available funds, based on the customer profile as well as calculated revenue chances.

Know Your Customer

By integrating Know Your Customer you can create and update your customer’s KYC statement with a few clicks.

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Company Data

company-data image

In the Business Customer Advisory it is essential to store your customer’s company data. Additionally, your advisor’s administrative workload should be lightened so they can focus fully on their customers. By integrating our Company Data tool, all your customer’s previously entered company data will be automatically filled into the advisory session.

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