riskine – So that all people make sound financial decisions in the future

„riskine analyzes the risks, preferences and needs of your customers in a holistic way, to make them visible and thus, actively manageable.“

CEO Ralf Widtmann

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We have noticed that many people have no overview of their risks and financial needs, which in turn makes it difficult for them to understand and communicate their needs for financial products.

Additionally, customers cannot clearly see and understand the added value of the insurance product at the time of conclusion of a contract. The basis for sound financial decisions is therefore not given.

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This leads not only to uncertainty, but also to the fact that some people are not even dealing with their own insurance and provision for the future and suppress the topic.

„The use of riskine solutions creates the optimal basis for advice and decision-making based on transparency and helps our B2B financial customers to achieve demonstrably more sustainable customer relationships.“

COO Frederik Schorr

riskine makes the objective risks as well as the subjective wishes and needs of your customers visible and understandable and thus actively controllable. For your customers, this is the key to sound financial decisions.

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Thus, customers place more trust in the advice they receive from their bank or insurance company and know, which insurance products they need to protect themselves from their individual risks and fulfil their personal needs.

„Together with our partners in the financial industry, we are developing digital, customer-centric advice. So that everyone can make sound financial decisions in the future.“

CTO Johannes Seebacher

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Digital insurance advice, rethought.

Since 2016, the Fintech riskine develops - on the basis of the latest AI and graph-based technologies - digital solutions (including Risk Analysis, Product Advisory, 360° Retirement Planner, Budget Calculator, Wealth Overview) for the banking and insurance advice of private and business customers. The white label solutions can be used as self-service in your portal, on your website, in an app, in a customized bot or as optimal support for personal customer advisory. Our digital solutions support insurance sales and lead to sustainable customer relationships based on transparency and trust.